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Meet Cassie Ebner from Palo Santo Studios

She runs Palo Santo Studios since almost 3 years.


Meet an Angelino that helps brands building

their identity and to be sold at the end of the day.

This Los Angeles native still lives there, Downtown. “I can walk to the studio, a guilty pleasure in LA” she smiles. Please don’t trust her clean branding, her stylistic universe stands for colorful and bold silhouettes. After studying fine arts, she began working in production design for film. She kept from these eras a “refined eye for composition” useful in her daily work. She worked for 6 years as director of sales and marketing for an accessory showroom, and saw a budding need for authenticity and transparency. “I knew there was a niche to be filled” she says. She filled it, quite nicely with Palo Santo Studios.

Tell us what is Palo Santo ?

Palo Santo Studios is a wholesale agency and creative production studio.

What is your identity ?

To share the voice of independent designers — through wholesale representation and visual stories. Our unique perspective of understanding both the wholesale buyer and D2C consumer, offers us an exclusive lens to work through; which is how we developed our dual channeled studio that operates as a wholesale agency and a creative production studio.

How do you chose the brands you work with in the agency ?

For wholesale, we specialize in representing conscious designers who are solving a problem in their category. All of our brands are showcasing something different, at a price point that is attainable but still supports sustainability practices. Each brand is a puzzle piece to the overall lifestyle of someone who shops more thoughtfully, curates their closet with integrity, edits their clean beauty regime, and expresses themselves through the art of getting dressed. Regarding creative production, we want to help give brands tools for connection. By sharing their voice through visual assets, we get to work with all different types of brands and experience all walks of fashion, beauty, and wellness. We’ve pioneered an organic way of producing imagery. In an age of fast-content, we’ve discovered a delicate balance between the art of a brand campaign, and the clear need for prolific imagery for social media.

How did you discover MAN / WOMAN ?

MAN / WOMAN has always been revered as one of the most elite shows in independent fashion, and I always had a goal since starting my studio to represent an elevated array of brands that would be accepted into the show.

What makes the MAN / WOMAN special ?

MAN / WOMAN has maintained their integrity in the brands they uphold the retailers they connect you with. It is somewhere you can confidently connect with like-minded community members.

What do you like in Paris’ energy ?

Paris’ energy is a stark contrast to my Los Angeles lifestyle. My morning yoga is replaced with coffee and pastries, and my usual 10pm bedtime is swapped out for long, leisurely dinners and bottles of wine until the late hours. My lifestyle in Los Angles is focused on personal growth and self-care, while Paris pushes me out of my comfort zone and forces me to seek new connection with others — My Merci with a valley-girl accent has definitely been a hit.

Who are the people who inspire you today ?

In my personal circle of friends and acquaintances — my team, Rileigh and Gabriela, are always finding such excitement and new joy in each collection and journey. It retains a fresh perspective of it all, and whenever I fear I might grow tiresome of it, they inject a new spark into it. All of my clients are a constant inspiration to me, but one of my longest standing clients, Fiona of Wolf Circus, is always supporting me in growing and taking new risks in business. Personally I’ve recently been inspired by Lacey Phillips, someone who has cultivated a new way of looking at self-worth and creating the life you want to live from it. Her podcast, Expanded, is one of my go-to places for finding new wellness solutions, inspiration, and living authentically as a creative.

Cassie Ebner
Palo Santo Studios

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