5 favorite records by Claire Marie

At an early age, surrounded by an inherent musical universe with a concerto pianist for a father and an underground DJ for a brother, Clairema developed her passion and taste for music, notably at private Parisian soirées. She will kick off our WOMAN Paris AW20 party at the Hotel Bourbon on February 29th.

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C’est si bon / That’s the Way I Love You by Madleen Kane
This track is to me one of the sexiest ways to open a set during cocktail hour. I opened for Billie Eilish at Sunset Beach in The Hamptons for Chanel this summer and played C’est si bon at the begging of my set. When I listen to this track today, its definitely a memory of a magical night with Chanel.
I Heard a Sigh by Cortex
Cortex! French jazz-funk band born in the 70s… It’s everything I love. A true rare groove, mixing headhunter-style funk with Brazilian flavored jazz and heavy bass.
Aaj Shanibar by Rupa
Disco Jazz, 1982. I wanted to add this brilliant track as it’s not very common to listen to instrumental and vocals from Bangladesh. High energy with disco beats but nuanced with long jazzy instrumental segments and sophisticated drum breaks, when you play it, it keeps the body moving.
In The Evening by Sheryl Lee Ralph

Big classic of the dance floor, especially at Night Moves – Jame’s Murphy private club. First time I heard this track, I kept dancing and dancing. One day, I sat down and paid attention to the lyrics and was like “Well, that’s the story of my life haha”. It describes nights in the City. The energy, the loneliness, how the music helps your mind, how you feel better in the evening, “It’s like magic”

Incapable by Rósín Murphy
My friend DJ Justin Miller shared this track with me and I fell in love. Thanks Justin! The bass at 0m51s is so strong that when I play it, I can see people starting to move and clap their feet discreetly on the floor.
Tuareg by Vocal by Kel - air & Band Band
Way harder to play and not for everyone but I truly adore this track for its originality, its weirdness. Tuareg is definitely an Italian Disco rarity from the 80’s.
Fire in My Heart by Escape From New York
Kind of the same vibe as the previous choice but more groovy and clubby. A super-funky synth-slice that is simply irresistible. My influence hovers a lot in the 80’s so naturally this one was released in 1984.
Neste Stopp Morra Di by Sommerstad

Discovered this track four summers ago and was frustrated because I couldn’t play it often as the venues where not clubby enough! Now, I am delighted to play this track in clubs with a good sound system. It’s so fresh, such high BPM, there is a touch of melancholy. You know this feeling when you play the last track in club at 4:00am, lights on, and people scream “ONE MORE TRACK ONE MORE TRACK” – Well, that’s exactly the type of track I’ll play to close the night.

Paris 1985 by Lecomte De Brégeot
New discovery, way more modern. The title intrigued me so I started listening it and it reminds me the famous track Fade To Grey by Visage. It’s way more Electro than what I am used to playing but for some reason, I am obsessed with it.
Exited by Beautiful Swimmers
100% Italian Disco vibe but with techno / house beats, it feels like a rollercoaster. You go Up and Down listening this one, so many different BPMs in one track but all still in harmony. Well done.

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