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At nightfall, the baseball lover and production go-to-guy JC Clement turns into J-Dog, a music enthusiast who plays in clubs or parties. He delivers us a 10-tracks playlist infused with love, dream and 70s vibes. Dig it if you want it in your headphones.

À la nuit tombée, le fou de baseball et couteau-Suisse de la prod JC Clement laisse la place à J-Dog, un amoureux de la musique qui diffuse ses bonnes ondes dans les clubs et les soirées. Il nous concocte une playlist en 10 morceaux gorgée d’amour, de rêve et vibes seventies. À vous de digger si vous voulez ces morceaux dans vos écouteurs.

« None of this really happened, it is just a dream »


1) Herp Albert and the Tijuana Brass – The Lonely Bull
Sample from the world famous « Tres Delinquentes » by Deliquents Habits. Surf/Marimba/Mariachi track, all the best in one instrumental song.


2) The Highmarts – あなたが欲しいの (I Want You Bad)
Best Japanese garage rock trio of our times. Psychedelic sensation and primitive fuzz for the breakfast.


3) Casiopea – Take Me
Fusion jazz instrumental sounds like shopping in Japanese grocery store at night for a relaxing time.


4) The Black Byrds – Mysterious Vibes
Oh, I feel the mystery of love.


5) Shakatak – Night Birds
English city pop-jazz funk tune. Close your eye and spread your wings. You are a bird.


6) Tom Tom Club – Kissin Antonio
Conga and cabasa groove soundtrack of non existing trip to Vegas.


7) Black Marble – One Eye Open
This is lost somewhere between late 70s post punk and one night in space.


8) Lust – Pillow Talk
Italo disco sex song. I love you in three languages with color changing floor.


9) Zombie Chang – Gold Trance
Pigeon girl happy trance.


10) The Field – Over The Ice
Drones are now playing music above our heads sampling Kate Bush, we are under watch.


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